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Mentoring Scheme and Counselling Cell

In keeping with the UGC Anti-Ragging Regulations, 2009, the College has provided for a Mentoring Scheme for First Year students. Students are divided into batches and members of the Teaching staff are appointed as Mentors. Meetings are set up to explain the function of this scheme, and individual meetings are held for discussing any academic or personal problems that students may have. Their academic progress is monitored and Mentors attempt to help them achieve their full potential. All information gathered during such discussions is kept strictly confidential.

Counselling services are offered for the benefit of current and past students, and occasionally for Staff as well. The College has in-house counsellors, Dr. ZarinSethna, Clinical Psychologist and Head, Department of Psychology (Degree College) and Ms. RutaWagle, Counselling Psychologist (Junior College).

In addition, Career Counselling is provided to students by the Convenor of the Career Guidance and Placement Cell.